Thursday, September 2, 2010

challenge FAILED

Okay, I didn't stick with the 30 day blog challenge all the way through.  The last couple of posts would have been boring anyway. I've had a crazy week.
I fell down the stairs at my in-laws and I was sure that I broke my foot.  I did go to the doc but only to get antibiotics for this super painful UTI that I have
I made another step toward being that submissive wife that I strive to be by sitting quiet while Alex traded in my fun Jeep Wrangler for a practical and brand new Jeep Patriot. I didn't even go with him, I had no idea what he bought when he came home.  I am very happy with the new ride and proud of Alex, he is such a good husband.  I'm so used to driving the rough wrangler that the patriot feels very luxurious, it's got heated seats for crying out loud.  I'm spoiled.
Lucas knocked over Alex's djembe and busted the head right before the drum circles at dc.  I 've been trying to find a replacement but I wasn't able to in such a short time.

We leave for Dragon*Con tomorrow and I leave my sweet baby in the hands of my very capable and loving mama and mom-in-law.  I just hope I can stop missing him long enough to have a good time.

Now, I need to finish packing.

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