Sunday, September 12, 2010

my day

Saturday was a great day!  I got up early and made a big breakfast for Alex, Lucas, Michael and Jovanni.  After breakfast, I watched Alex drive and push a go-kart around the neighborhood.  Then my sister came over and we went downtown for the Indie Craft Parade while Alex tended to the babe.  It started raining and the line was way longer than we expected so we decided to walk over to Chicora Alley for fish tacos and sweet potato fries.  We made it back to the craft show just in time to stand in the line and get drenched but it was well worth it.  There were so many great vendors and we both felt so inspired when we left.  I bought Lucas a bow-tie from The Cordial Churchman.  I am in love with their products and I hope I can get him to keep it on for a photo on his birthday.  I was tempted to get Alex a matching tie but Julie talked me out of it.  I bought some cute earrings and a hairpin too, Julie got some pretty smelling soap.  I really wanted one of these bags but I didn't have the funds.  After the crafts, we had a bubble tea while watching a fancy wedding reception being set up at Larkin's and brainstorming about our future projects.  I also found a jedi robe for Lucas for $2.50! Now he just needs a lightsaber.  My day ended on the couch watching Kids in the Hall and Upright Citizens Brigade.  Yay, so fun!

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