Sunday, September 26, 2010

this post is LOADED with sugar

My sister and I made jelly this week.  We used scuppernongs but I really just like calling it muscadine jelly.  Our Nana makes jelly and she can't wait to critique ours.  We are really trying to make sure that we learn from our Nana before she can't remember how to do these things anymore.  I think we may be too late on the biscuits and they may be gone for good.  Very sad.

The whole kitchen got sticky and I think we used all the dishes, but it was fun.  I enjoyed the popping sounds that the jars made during the night, all but one sealed and that went straight to the fridge for Lou's morning toast.  It tastes great but it came out a little cloudier than we would have liked.  I blame that on not having the right tools for the job.  I'll definitely pick up some cheesecloth or a jelly bag and a pair of jar lifters before we start on the apple jelly and pie filling.

Here's a pic!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

no wagon

I have been planning a birthday party for my baby.  I am trying not to go overboard and keep things simple, like I always said that I would, but I am so excited.  I think that his first birthday means more to me than Lucas being a one year old.  It means that we made it through a year of something that I wasn't sure that I would be able to do. 

I wanted to buy Lucas a wagon for his birthday.  I had visions of pulling him around the neighborhood, the park, festivals, and other quaint little family friendly places.  I kept asking Alex if he had any gifts in mind and what he thought about the wagon and he said that he didn't care and the wagon sounded okay.  That was until we went to Toys R Us yesterday to pick one out and he and Lucas saw this.

I could tell from the giggles and squeals that the wagon wasn't going to happen, oh Lucas liked it too.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

my day

Saturday was a great day!  I got up early and made a big breakfast for Alex, Lucas, Michael and Jovanni.  After breakfast, I watched Alex drive and push a go-kart around the neighborhood.  Then my sister came over and we went downtown for the Indie Craft Parade while Alex tended to the babe.  It started raining and the line was way longer than we expected so we decided to walk over to Chicora Alley for fish tacos and sweet potato fries.  We made it back to the craft show just in time to stand in the line and get drenched but it was well worth it.  There were so many great vendors and we both felt so inspired when we left.  I bought Lucas a bow-tie from The Cordial Churchman.  I am in love with their products and I hope I can get him to keep it on for a photo on his birthday.  I was tempted to get Alex a matching tie but Julie talked me out of it.  I bought some cute earrings and a hairpin too, Julie got some pretty smelling soap.  I really wanted one of these bags but I didn't have the funds.  After the crafts, we had a bubble tea while watching a fancy wedding reception being set up at Larkin's and brainstorming about our future projects.  I also found a jedi robe for Lucas for $2.50! Now he just needs a lightsaber.  My day ended on the couch watching Kids in the Hall and Upright Citizens Brigade.  Yay, so fun!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

DC loot

I made some nice purchases at dragoncon this year.  I had my heart set on a "my other vehicle is a TARDIS" bumper sticker for the new Jeep but I didn't find one in any of the three dealer rooms.  I think I will order that today.

I got a couple of prints and a coloring book from the print shop at the art show.

The Fantastical Dragons coloring book is all mine.  The images are single sided on quality paper so I plan to hang a few in Lucas' room when I am done.  Alex even asked for one to hang in the garage.

Pac Attack

and Zombies Playing d&d.  I couldn't find a title or an image online for this one, even on the artist's site so I took a photo.  This is my favorite.

I even showed this one to Dave Tango and Steve Gonsalves.  They were standing in line behind us at the art show buying a real painting.  Dave said it was cool, he seemed like he was trying to be very nice.  Steve was meh, I remember hearing someone on Ghost Hunters say that he was an ex-cop.  I can kind of tell.  I also saw Amy Bruni at Perks in the Hyatt and Chris Gore wearing a Zorro mask in the elevator hell at the Hyatt.  Those Ghost Hunters were all over the place.  I saw a lot of other stars at the Walk of Fame but they were behind their tables signing their super expensive glossy photos.  It's way more fun to stumble across one of those guys waiting in line or sweating in an elevator like the rest of us.  I did get excited and stare a LeVar Burton, Summer Glau, Edward Furlong, and Vork and Zaboo but I refused to pay for an autograph.

I got some new buttons and a new necklace.  I've recently read on Apartment Therapy that the Keep Calm and Carry On poster is no longer acceptable decor.  I guess that's why I still have mine in the living room :-)  I still like it and I liked this necklace and button too.  The Say Anything button is my favorite.

I also got a pretty matching die set and a roman numeral dice that I think I am going to carry in my purse for decision making purposes.

Alex got the Vengeance Trilogy box set from an anime dealer and a Monty Python and a Dr Who tee shirt.

I also found these two stickers on a table at the Hilton.

I wasn't cool enough to realize that the ROR stood for raff out roud.  I had to look it up.  Totally racist but awesome.  Alex has dibs on the mooninites.

We brought Lucas a stuffed whale shark from the aquarium.  Those whale sharks and manta rays were huge and that aquarium is the best that I've been to. 

This was my favorite costume, the rest of the photos are on my flickr page.

We had a great time.  Drinks were had, games were played, people were watched, drums were drummed, R2 units were examined, panels were viewed.  I can't wait until next year!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

challenge FAILED

Okay, I didn't stick with the 30 day blog challenge all the way through.  The last couple of posts would have been boring anyway. I've had a crazy week.
I fell down the stairs at my in-laws and I was sure that I broke my foot.  I did go to the doc but only to get antibiotics for this super painful UTI that I have
I made another step toward being that submissive wife that I strive to be by sitting quiet while Alex traded in my fun Jeep Wrangler for a practical and brand new Jeep Patriot. I didn't even go with him, I had no idea what he bought when he came home.  I am very happy with the new ride and proud of Alex, he is such a good husband.  I'm so used to driving the rough wrangler that the patriot feels very luxurious, it's got heated seats for crying out loud.  I'm spoiled.
Lucas knocked over Alex's djembe and busted the head right before the drum circles at dc.  I 've been trying to find a replacement but I wasn't able to in such a short time.

We leave for Dragon*Con tomorrow and I leave my sweet baby in the hands of my very capable and loving mama and mom-in-law.  I just hope I can stop missing him long enough to have a good time.

Now, I need to finish packing.