Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The 10th was Alex's 31st birthday. I made him a marble cake and we went to Miyabi's with my family where he was forced to do the chicken dance. I love it when Alex does embarrassing things. He's so silly and it makes me laugh.

One of my favorite memories was our first trip to the ren faire together. Alex yelled and really got into the jousting match. I was happy that he was having fun and he didn't care about what people around him thought. He was different from the guys that I was used to and I loved it! Now, we have fun when we go places and make the best of our time together. I really wanted to go out of town the weekend before his birthday, since we probably won't have the opportunity again before the baby comes and we were both off of work on Monday, but it didn't work out. Mom and Dad Said went to Alaska and we stayed with Michael, Jasmine, and Jovanni since they are so bad and can't be trusted to be alone. Well, not Jasmine, just the boys. We made up for it by taking a day trip to Riverbanks Zoo last Saturday. It was fun and hot. I'm getting more and more uncomfortable and I have to pee all the time so the zoo in August may not have been the best idea. I was reminded of our very first trip to the ren faire, we made the best of our trip and had a great day! I'm not sure how I feel about zoos now, though. I can see where they do wonderful things with protecting endangered species but I couldn't help but feel sorry for the penguins. They had their backs to us and they were facing a fake horizon like they thought they could wander off into the sunset. The penguins made me sad.

I got Alex some new shirts and a board game for his birthday. I'm going to read the directions now so that I can teach him how to play when he gets home.

Tomorrow, my Mom and I are going shopping for my little sisters wedding shower gift. Her shower is this weekend! I can't believe that we have less than two months until she's married and we have a new Said in the house. Yikes!

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Wow, I didn't post in July at all. I would like to say that I was sunning myself at some oceanside resort or traveling to some new far away place but I wasn't. I was here, just not blogging. *EDIT* I just remembered I went to Tn and Va with my Mom and my sister for the 4th. We ate and shopped too much. It was fun!
We did manage to paint the baby's room. I (Alex) used benjamin moore's brookside moss, inspired by this nursery photo from flickr.

I'm having some major trouble with all of this baby gear. That crap is expensive. Much of it seems excessive and most products are made of plastic, very expensive plastic. I ordered a Irmi-like caboose lamp and an vintage Irmi nursery rhyme mobile from ebay. Both made from actual wood. I feel so much better about that seven dollar purchase than I would have felt if I had bought any of the themed mobiles and lamps from Babies R Us. I had an Irmi lamp, it had a couple of clowns on it with a yellow gingham shade, I think, that's been quite a long time ago.

Why do baby rooms need a theme? I don't like theme rooms, maybe theme colors, but Pooh, safari animals, sports, and bugs all make me gag.
I did find one bedding set at BrU that I didn't hate but I just couldn't buy or register for it. I really only wanted the bed skirt and the bumper anyway. Another thing that's bothering me is the cost of breast pumps and all of the scary stuff online about not buying a used one. I did find a used Pump in Style at a consignment sale today. I'm still not sure if I'm going to use it but it was only $25 bucks and it had some un-used breast pads and storage bags that I will use. Currently, the pump is in a bunch of pieces on the dining room table. I just couldn't understand how milk could get into the motor and I wanted to find out. The inside of the pump motor is as clean as a whistle. I'm not convinced that the warnings aren't just scare tactics used to sell more $280 breast pumps.

Still don't have any names. Alex likes Amir, I like Lukas. Well, I like a bunch of names but Lukas is the only one that Alex cared for. He will probably still end up being a Jr. We'll see.

I'm using the laptop to post this. We lost a hard drive a few weeks ago along with all the photos and some music. It was a major bummer. I even started a facebook but I can't add a pic so it hasn't been used much. I guess we need to have a Amy/Alex/Puppy/Kitty photo shoot soon but I haven't really been feeling the camera lately.

I don't know if I'll have a job after the baby comes, but more on that later. We go to a Caring for Baby class on Monday evening, my in-laws are in Alaska for the next eight days so we will be staying at their house with the out of control boys till they get back, the last scheduled ultrasound is on Friday and my wonderful husband turns 31 next Monday. It will be a busy week, aren't they all?