Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Photo of Me Taken Over Ten Years Ago

30 Blog Challenge 10/30

This was probably taken in 1998, I think I was 19.  Notice the hemp necklace, black hair, and my lady-like leg position. I am posting this photo of me and Alex for a couple of reasons.
The first reason is that today is Alex's 32nd birthday.  He and I spent the day at Carowinds riding roller coasters and having loads of fun, just like we did back when this photo was taken.  The second reason is that it was easily available.  I'm really tired after all the theme parkin' we've been doing and I don't want to scan anything so I took this from Alex's facebook album. 

Happy Birthday Alex!  I love you!

for tomorrow:  a photo of me taken recently

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josslynsmom said...


Doesn't it make you feel old that you were technically an adult over ten years ago? It does to me. Ick.

Cute pic, though!