Friday, January 29, 2010


My Sister was on the cover of the local Link magazine. I waited too late to pick up a copy but I was able to view the photos here. This is my favorite.


Heather said...


josslynsmom said...

I had no idea Julie works at Bang! I've been salivating over that shop for months. I think Rob might actually let me drop the money to get my hair done there soon! : ) I'll have to request Julie!

Amy said...

Thanks Heather!
Roxanne, Julie just left Bang last week. She went to To Dye For, they are right down the street from Bang and they're a little less expensive I believe. Julie said that the economy is rough on high end salons right now and she could make more money elsewhere. I only got to go to Bang once and I even got a big discount. It was really nice though. She usually just does my hair in the kitchen.