Monday, January 25, 2010

bad blogger

December is gone, here's what happened.

1. Mama's 50
th Birthday! My mom and my sister share the same birthday. Julie usually gets all the love but this year we gave mama a beer and wings birthday party. There were old friends, new friends, family, gifts, food, and a super chocolaty cake from Strossner's. I hope she enjoyed it.

Mama's 50th Birthday Party
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2. Jasmine's 18th Birthday! We went to a party for my sis
ter-in-law, Jasmine. Isn't she pretty?

3. Christmas. Ah, it comes every year and I every year I agonize over the traditions. This year, I felt like an extra in a movie or some kind of stand-in celebrator. I bounced from space to space "doing Christmas". I really don't get it. I'm uncom
fortable with teaching Lucas that this mindlessness is normal, but I feel like the only Christmas machine that has been deprogrammed.
I decorated, I even photographed the decorations. I haven't decorated in years. I thought that a tree and stockings would jumpstart my holiday spirit, it didn't. Christmas is gone, my gifts were confusion and guilt. What am I going to teach Lucas? Am I depriving him of some kind of childhood right by not teaching him about Santa and showering him with mounds of plastic? Is he going to be that bitter, know
-it-all kid that ruins Christmas for all of the other children? At least I have a few months to figure it out.
Lucas did enjoy the lights though.

Christmas 2009
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