Friday, February 5, 2010

dream vacation goes awry

I woke up depressed this morning. I had a bad dream that Alex and I were on vacation with his little brothers and sister at a large ocean side resort with elevators that were shaped like the foot statue from lost, except these feet were gold. Alex befriended Seth Green while at the pool. He quickly forgot about spending time with his family and developed a destructive heroin habit. I told Alex that he had to choose between his life with me or his drug addiction and Seth Green. He chose the smack and Seth, I was crushed. I packed our luggage and the kids and we rode the golden foot home leaving my true love in the arms of Seth Green. I woke up and told the real husband that I had a bad dream, I didn't go into the details. He was already dressed for work and he was freezing cold from going outside to warm his car. He gave me a big hug until I forgot all about the failed intervention and being depressed.

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josslynsmom said...

I'm not surprised that Seth Green has a heroin problem. Don't worry, Alex will pull through this!