Friday, May 29, 2009

It's a. . .

Boy! At first, I thought we were having a boy and then after a bunch of strange dreams involving forgetting to feed my little girl until she was eight years old and then she hated me and kicked me every time I tried to get near her, I decided that we must be having a girl. I was wrong. The little dream girl was blonde anyway. I should have know she wasn't ours. I'll probably just forget to feed someone else's little blonde girl one day.

It's a little baby boy and he is super cute, at least he seemed cute on the scratchy little ultrasound pic. I will post one later. His lips are huge, maybe he'll grow into them.
Alex is happy. He didn't say anything before but I think he really wanted a boy. Something about making more Said's, I guess.

Oh, the doctor said no traveling more than an hour away after 34 weeks so there goes DragonCon *sniff*. No biggie, I have lots to keep me busy and take my money. I'll get there in 2010.

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josslynsmom said...

Yaaaaaaay! So excited for you! Remind me not to let you watch my girls... you may starve them!

Congrats on the baby boy news!