Wednesday, May 13, 2009

aww man!

The doc's office called this afternoon and rescheduled the BIG U/S to the 27th! Ugh, I can't wait two more weeks. I'm trying to remember that there are tons of people that don't want to know the sex of their baby until it's born. I'll just try to think like one of those people.

I think I've also decided that I don't need to go to DragonCon this year. I'm still going to ask the doctor if she thinks it's a good idea, just in case she says-sure, why not. I checked out the calendar last night and I will be 36 weeks at that time. I got scared after googling "travel at 36 weeks". I'll wait till I ask the doc before I give my hotel reservations away to some lucky con-goer. sigh.


josslynsmom said...

Yeahhhhh I don't recommend traveling much at 36 weeks preggers. You really won't enjoy it, I promise.

josslynsmom said...

Ummm, hello? It's the 28th... are you having a girl or boy?!