Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Okay, I've been seriously busy. I'm so busy that I can only list the things that I've been doing, in no particular order, and hope that one day I will be able to form my agenda into some sort of entertaining narrative.

1. Crying-Jennifer's Mother passed away last Monday. It was very sad, and I don't feel like there is anything that I can do to help her feel better. I am also extremely hormonal so I can't really get in the car or take a shower without finding some reason to shed tears.

2. Sweeping- My sweet husband pulled up our old carpet and put down a new wood-ish floor with Shaylan's help a couple of weeks ago. I haven't really got everything back in order yet. I decided to move every piece of furniture from its original location and purge a few hundred items. So far these things haven't made it out of the door but they are in nice little stacks in the middle of the room. I'm sweeping because my dogs are shedding and apparently the carpet just absorbed the dog hair or something, the new floor doesn't. The floor is beautiful and I can't wait till everything finds a home so that I can truly enjoy it.

3. Watching the Doctor- I've spent a ridiculous amount of time watching Dr. Who. I can't get enough except I've seen all that is available and now I have to start watching Torchwood.

4. Shopping- I got a new floor and Alex got a new TV. This is a nice flat one that fits above the fireplace. One day, all of the components will be hooked up and I will actually be able to watch it.
I took a trip to Ikea Charlotte with my mom, Julie, and Amber. I was disgustingly frugal, I only purchased some spoons, a napkin holder, some cheap rag rugs, a little bib/bowl set, and a rabbit driving a carrot rattle. I couldn't resist the rattle. Who's ever seen a rabbit driving a carrot? I have, that's who. My Mom bought us a highchair. I told her that we weren't going to have a highchair because I didn't see the point and she kind of freaked. She said something confusing about the kid hanging on the side of the table having it's butt sniffed by one of my dogs. When I said that I thought this one was cute, she recognized the opportunity and snatched it up.
I bought some maternity clothes online. I was pretty disappointed because they are huge! They should have cost a million dollars for all the fabric that was used. I hope I don't grow into them.
I also spent $5 at a yard sale a couple of weekends ago. It was an anything-you-can-fit-in-a-box-for-five-bucks sale. I filled my box with a bunch of children's books (little golden books are my favorite), a Nirvana unplugged CD, some bibs, a board game, and one of these. Alex and I couldn't stop playing with it, I finally had to put it away so that we could get some work done.

5. Eating- I've been eating several Wendy's sour cream and chive baked potatoes a week. They are about the only thing that doesn't give me gastroesophageal reflux disease and they're super cheap. We made a low country crab boil to celebrate Mother's Day last Sunday. It was delicious. I'm going to figure out how to scale it down and make a less expensive version of it for dinner instead of waiting for special occasions to enjoy it. I'll probably have to substitute the crab for more shrimp in the non-special occasion version. We are definitely going to have to invest in some seafood crackers if we keep doing this. I knew that my family was on the edge of being full-blown S.C. rednecks but I didn't realize the extent of it until I saw my sister trying to break open her crab legs with a pair of pliers! Hehe, it was a good day.

6. Making lists- I keep finding to-do lists in my pockets. People to call, websites to check out, chores, groceries, baby names, goals, I've even made a list of random facts about myself just so I will be prepared when I get one of those memes. The baby name thing is really a stumper. We can't agree on any boy names and only a few girl names. We are considering a raffle, just for family and friends, they can pay a dollar for a chance to name our child and we will make some money and won't have to make a decision. I figure family and close friends won't try to ruin the child's life with some crazy name like Han Solo, oh wait Alex has already tried that one. Maybe this isn't a good idea. Anyway, we have the BIG ULTRASOUND next week, maybe well see something and we'll both agree on a name. Peter? hehe.

7. Waking up- I've never had trouble sleeping, until now. It's really taking a toll on me. I'm grumpy and I want to sleep at all the wrong times, like during the new Star Trek film that I had to beg Alex to take me to last Thursday or during an unusually boring phone call at work. I think I am going to stop drinking anything after 8:00 and see if that helps.

8. Saving- I'm trying to save money for DragonCon. Alex and I decided to pass on DC this year when we found out about the baby and that my company is no longer required to offer FMLA but now I am super depressed about it and I have to find a way to go. I booked a room at the Hyatt last October before all of the host hotel rooms were taken. We should have been using the last few months to stash away cash for DC, but we didn't so I have some catching up to do. I have a few ideas. I will have to add ebaying and counting change to my list. Going to DC while eight months pregnant shouldn't be too bad, right?

I'm sure I am forgetting something. I will post about it and pretend like it's something exciting and new if I remember it later. I have lots of photos to upload to Flickr. The Greek Festival is this weekend, so everyone should come downtown and have pastitsio and grape leaves or a gyro and beer. Beer reminds me of the margarita that I missed out on Cinco de Mayo. Dang, I really want a margarita.

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josslynsmom said...

I am so utterly sorry. She not only lost her mother but her best friend. I was so shocked that I couldn't really focus on the rest of your post. Holy crap. What happened? Can you e-mail me? Is there anything that can be done for her? Is she eating? Taking care of Nora? I could take some food over to the house. Or offer to watch Nora... Does she still live in the same house she bought when I worked at DAG?