Monday, September 29, 2008


I used to carry an inspiration journal around, it started out as a book that I wrote craft ideas and recipes in but one day when I was looking through it I realized it was just a cute and colorful wish list of things I want. I really want to have a simple life with less distractions but I love distractions!

Today, I found this blog. The author has a No Spend Month feature, she and her family picked a month to spend less than $250. I want to try! I am going to speak with Alex about this tonight. I don't think October is a good month, with my birthday, anniversary, and cruise and all. November and December aren't looking too good either, but January may be perfect!


josslynsmom said...

It is crazy how distractions can stop us from enjoying life! Ugh. Someday I'll be able to truck through life, avoiding the distractions... or maybe not! LOL!

Rachel said...

I hope you give it a try! January does sound like the perfect month for it. Or maybe February, it's shorter (just kidding).