Friday, October 3, 2008


My little sister is graduating from hair school today! I am very excited for her, she is going to make a great hairdresser.

The family is going out to dinner tonight to celebrate the occasion. Tomorrow, Jennifer, Rachael, and I are having a yard sale ( a little last minute but I am sure we'll be fine). Tomorrow night, Jennifer and I are taking Rebecca out for her big birthday extravaganza. We are going to see Blindness and then we are going to a new restaurant in town called Smileys Acoustic Cafe. I am in the mood for some good acoustic music. Sunday, Julie and I are going to pick apples.

Yay, for busy weekends!

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josslynsmom said...

Sweet! Sounds like fun! Tell the girls I said "hi".
Congrats to Julie! Yay! I would love to get a funky cut soon, maybe she'll be in a salon by the time we move back next month!