Saturday, September 27, 2008


I get a daily newsletter from Ideal Bite, it has tips about going green and stuff. You know the new super trend that is sweeping the nation. I definitely believe in being more conservative and less wasteful, and some of the info that they've sent has helped me to go paraben and sulfate free. The more I read about parabens, the more they scare me and with my reproductive "issues" I thought it couldn't hurt anything (except my wallet). I just hope what I am reading is true. They had a drawing the other day for a Sea Bag. Sea Bags are totes that are made from used sailboat sails. I got this one in the mail from them the other day.
It's very nice! I had no idea what a $110 tote bag was like but now I do. Yay! They have drawings all the time and now I know that you really can win something.

I also got these shoes
I love ebay, they were brand new with the tags and only $32!

I also got a new swimsuit (that I don't really care for but I waiting too long and everything is out of stock) to wear to the Bahamas. We leave in 21 days! Yippee!

I've started reading this.

I am afraid of what it's going to do to my brain.

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Tracy said...

Hi Amy,

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