Saturday, January 10, 2009

worst week ever

This week I went with my Dad to the ER because he is very ill and no one really knows what's going on with him (other than his usual problems), I watched the story of how Rose Tyler "died" on the season two finale of Dr. Who, I discovered that I have cysts on my ovaries and that I am going to have a "procedure" next week to examine them, I had to go to Wal-Mart, and I sliced my hand open with my new super sharp rotary cutter-it won't stop bleeding.

I have this theory that odd years are bad, or at least bad for me. 2007 was pretty awful but 2008 was lots o' fun. 2009 is starting out kinda rough. This odd year theory may be all in my head, it really doesn't work well with all of the 2012 stuff that's out there. I am going to try to disprove my hypothesis starting now.

Oh wait, one of the dogs just pulled an old general tso's chicken container out of the garbage can and made a mess all over the floor.

Okay, odd-years-aren't-bad testing starting over . . .now!

no soundtrack today, iTunes hates me, sigh.

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