Monday, December 29, 2008

I ♥ games

Alex and I played games with the Upstate Boardgamers a few times, we really enjoyed it but life got in the way and we haven't been back for a month or so. We hope to start up again after the new year. Wendy at work told me about a new book store in Greer, The Silver Chair, a while ago and I've been meaning to stop by but again- life in the way as usual. I also picked up a copy of the store's zine The Revenant Culture at O-Cha one day, it peaked my interest even more. They seem to have some pretty good stuff going on, mainly I am referring to a program that they call BookLove and that they are selling board games. It sounds like they are selling GOOD board games and they are in Greer. How awesome is that? They describe BookLove as " . . . basically a book club that smells of leather bindings and community hipness. Subscribe to the program, and every month receive one or two books selected by Joffre and his team. . . to meet your interests and tastes." Doesn't that sound wonderful? I think I need to conquer the bloated mass of books in my bedroom before I add to the queue, but I am going to keep this in mind. I love the smell of leather bindings.

Well, anyway before I scatter my bullets any further, I saw a post that one of the guys from Upstate Boardgamers did an interview for the The Revenant Culture podcast. I liked what he had to say about games and why we play them. I also like the Agricola joke and the use of SAT words like eschaton and zeitgeist. Ah. . .Thank God for spell check!

This has motivated me to 1) finally go to this bookstore and 2) finish reading the rules for 1960

Since I'm thinking about games, I thought I would document that I lost TI3 this weekend. Shaylan won. . .grrrr. I had a good plan, it just took me too long to get my act together. Damn Imperium Rex card! Alex did pretty well too. We did manage to win two games of Last Night on Earth while playing the Heroes. We haven't won with the Heroes ever before. I'm pretty pleased.

Soundtrack for the motivated gamer: White Winter Hymnal-Fleet Foxes and $1000 Wedding-Willie Nelson

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