Sunday, March 9, 2008

Monthy Post

I really do want to post more. I blame my camera. I want a new one, but Al says that I don't need one. My Nikon is too bulky, I want one of those little slim credit card size ones.

I got a new dryer, Yay! No more 4 hours to dry my towels. Maybe now I will get more laundry done. The mountain of clothes may turn in to a mole hill. Woot! We bought it at Costco. I can't believe we joined Costco. I am ashamed. I bought a huge tub of ketchup. I need to decrease my dependency on oil and ketchup. Costco isn't going to help, but they have great deals on stuff, I don't need any more stuff. All of this stuff is not going to fit in my yurt or the bus in the woods. Ahhh, what have I done.

We have been moving furniture around and playing a bunch of games. Alex got us Rock Band for the 360. It is great fun! I secretly want to be in a rock band but I have no talent. That is the best part of the game, even if you aren't playing on hard I get the feeling that I am really jamming out. I like to sing too but people keep being around and I can't sing in front of anyone other than kids and my fam.

My Mom told me one time that moving your furniture around a lot is a sign of schizophrenia. I don't where she got that from but I think about it every time I want to change things around, and I want to change things all the time. Especially, now that spring has sprung or is trying to sprung. Down with winter! I am going to be one of those old people that moves to Florida.

Speaking of stuff, the hubby and I may be making the trek to Ikea one day next weekend. I am not sure which day, we also have a game of Twilight Imperium planned. I am going down there to get a new desk that looks clutter free and makes me feel like I have less stuff. That is so messed up, I am going to purchase something new to make me have less. Consumerism sucks.

Ciao for now!

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josslynsmom said...

You're so cute Amy. I love reading your blogs. I look forward to your monthly post for April! How's everyone at DAG?