Saturday, February 2, 2008

Cubicle Dweller

We finally moved the office this weekend! We are now downtown on the 5th floor of the Terrace. I have a spiffy new cube with bright colors and more storage space than my other cube. The wall between me and Jennifer is higher than the last one, it's going to take some getting used to. Maybe I'll get more work done ;-D Today, I got hot while I was hooking up my computer stuff and getting ready to work on Monday so I just opened the doors to the BALCONY that is right across from my desk. It was awesome. I actually had real air, not recirculated moldy air. I was so happy. I'm spoiled. I saw a sign that O-CHA is reopening downstairs in our new building. Yay! Tea!!!! I was worried that I would have to go to the Starbucks. Although, I must admit, I have been avoiding Starbucks forever just because of the hype- I do that sometimes- but I went there this morning with Wendy and it wasn't bad. I got tea and a blueberry scone. It was a good scone and the place didn't seem as yuppy-fied as I thought. I guess I can go there again. I'm going to have lunch in the park when its warm and I can walk around and take pics to post. I like to look at Greenville Daily Photo to see the images of the park and people downtown and now I will be down there too. Maybe I will see that guy around. I am also excited because I feel like I got a brand new job and I don't even have to make new friends or train or anything.

I also downloaded a new CD from iTunes. It's pretty good. I especially like the Killing Him song.

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josslynsmom said...

Wow! You guys finally moved! I'm kinda jealous. I bet it's an awesome office.

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