Sunday, June 8, 2008


Ok, so my camera must not have been the posting problem. Who knew that you could get 10 megapixels so cheap nowadays?

It's hot. The high temp today is predicted to be 99°. Now our AC is acting up. Great. It's getting hot in here. I think we will go to the movies and I don't guess I will be cooking. That doesn't sound so bad, yet.

Alex and I went to Bailey's yesterday with Jeff, Rach, and Kyle to watch the UFC. We have a fantasy UFC league. The name of the league is HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON. hehe. Alex and I are the only two members. My ranking yesterday was 91 out of 14683. I beat Alex and I can't believe that I have actually found a sport that I like to watch :-)

I found something else that I want. It is so cute!

I read on Friday that it was National Doughnut Day, it was also D-Day. I was really hoping that some doughnut person didn't decide that D-Day should mean Doughnut Day. That would have been really messed up. I did some more research and apparently the Doughnut Day has been around since WWI and the "D" in D-Day is just a variable assigned to the day military actions took place. I was all mad at the doughnut industry for no reason.

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josslynsmom said...

Good for you for taking action and researching the doughnut industry before staging a coo (sp??)!
Hope you're all doing well!