Saturday, May 15, 2010

Aunt Cissy

My Great Aunt died on Tuesday.  My sister and I called her Aunt Cissy, her name was Edna Lucille and Aunt Lucille was too hard for me to pronounce when I was a child.  She was one of my Nana's five sisters, now Nana only has one sister left.  I feel really sorry for her. 

I spent a lot of time with Aunt Cissy when I was a little girl.  She taught me how to sew, balance a checkbook, my multiplication tables, and she always kept crayons in a cookie tin for me to color with.  We played hi-ho cheerio and I dug in her plants with tiny garden tools.  She loved her dogs, Toby, Josh, and Little Girl, and she had an aquarium full of guppies that I tragically overfed once.  At Easter, she would make bunny rabbit cakes, one chocolate and one coconut.  I still have the quilt that the made me when I was born along with a few other very special handmade gifts including the quilt that she made for Lucas last fall.  She amassed the best collection of family photos and records that you could ask for.

This past week opened my eyes to how our family's dynamic really has changed.  When I was a kid and someone died my Nana and Aunt Cissy would feed everyone and make sure that everything ran smoothly.  Now my Mama does it with a little bit of my help.  I don't like getting old.

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