Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Six months

It's been six months since Lucas was born.

Ir's been six months since I've had a paying job.  My plan was to be working part-time by now.  I am starting to feel guilty about staying at home and not making any extra money.

It's been six months since I slept through the night without waking up for breathing checks.  We just moved Lucas from the cradle beside our bed to the crib in his room.  I miss him at night.

It's been six months of diapers and bottles.  My hands have never been so dry.  I wash them constantly.

It's been the best six months ever.

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josslynsmom said...

He is so adorable I could just eat him up. Love those big old cheeks!
Motherhood is great though, isn't it? Don't sweat the no job thing. Really. Trust me when I say this... it could get worse. You guys have your own home and a beautiful baby boy to show for it.