Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Aye me

I have a problem. I can't use facebook. I don't know why. I just spent the last 30ish minutes trying to update my status. I couldn't do it so I deactivated my account. I did the same thing not that long ago with myspace. It's probably the social part of the social networking that is difficult for me. I don't mean to neglect friends and family, it just happens. I'm really not sure why, I bet I could dig up some buried psychological reason but that doesn't sound like fun either. I was really looking forward to scanning some old photos too. Oh, well. For now, I am content with sitting on the bed, typing this post, teaching Lou how to use his new dragon wubbanub and planning my mamas 50th birthday party.

Maybe its time to update to a Flikr pro account, hmmm.

Happy December.

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