Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since my last post . . .

1. We had a baby! His name is Lucas Alexander and he is beautiful. His daddy and I love him so much. Everyone said that things would change once he got here and they have. It's wonderful. He was born on October 15th at 6:49pm. He weighed 6lbs 15oz and he was 19" long. The doctor had me convinced that he was going to be a giant. I was pleasantly surprised. I went to the hospital at 6:30 on the 14th to be induced and only 19 hours later he was here!

The staff at the hospital was so nice. Lucas had jaundice and fluid in his left ear that was causing him to have difficulty hearing. Since we left the hospital, his jaundice has cleared up and the fluid is gone. He is perfect.

DJ Lucas having his infant hearing test

2. Alex and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. I love my husband more and more everyday. He is too good to me. My mama and nana came over to stay with Lucas while we went to Texas Roadhouse and to Costco. I know, very exciting. Lucas was only four days old and we couldn't wait to get home to him. I had a margarita with dinner too, it was fantastic. I really missed margaritas while I was pregnant.

Best Husband Ever!

3. Julie and Shane were married on October 24th at Willow Creek Conservatory. It was a beautiful day. We couldn't have asked for better weather. The leaves had just started to change, and we used pumpkins and fall leaves to autumn it up even more. Lucas even wore a special fall outfit that Tainaka gave him at my baby shower. Our family did the twist and my sister jumped in the pond with her wedding gown on. She trashed her dress. It was fun. There was even a candy buffet.
Mr. and Mrs. Shane Williams

Little Lulu and the wedding cake

Julie and Shane

We all danced because the craziest month in my family's history was over!

4. I turned 31. I almost forgot about my birthday after all of the excitement but my family remembered. Mama, Jeff, Alex, Lucas, and I went out for some fish for dinner. I really missed fish too. Mama and Jeff gave me a griddle that I used to make Sunday breakfast and Alex and Lulu gave me a new Gameboy DSi that I am using to waste time. Alex woke me up with breakfast in bed and the sweetest card that I have ever received.

5. Halloween! We didn't have time to carve our pumpkins but we managed to visit our family. Alex and Lucas wore skeleton costumes.

Well, I think that about covers it. October has always been my favorite month and I believe that it always will be. I'm very happy that Novembers finally here.


josslynsmom said...

Congrats on everything!

Heather said...

Love it, Amy!! The pics from the wedding are great!

Lucas is adorable!