Thursday, August 28, 2008

and we're off. . .finally

Alex fractured his foot and can't walk, my dogs ran away, and Shaylan backed out (he had a good reason), BUT we are on our way to Dragon*con despite all of the setbacks! Actually, things are looking up. We took Alex to an orthopedic specialist yesterday and they gave him a walking boot, we also borrowed a wheelchair from his parents just in case.

The dogs dug out of the fence last Thursday night. We looked at the animal shelters on Saturday but they weren't there. Marley and Chico came back on Sunday morning but Jubei never showed up. I went to the animal shelter again yesterday afternoon and he was there!!!! I was so happy! His bail was $92 and he seemed really upset. I hope he has learned his lesson!

Don't be fooled by his cute appearance, he's a convict!

Julie is house/dog sitting while we're gone. Thanks lil' sis! I think I have packed everything except my very best walking shoes, they've dissappeared :-(
The cameras are charged, I am going to get some great pics! YAY!

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