Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thanks Jeff and Mama!

Right now I am sitting on our hotel balcony watching the ocean while Alex sleeps. We got our jeep back and we parked it on the top level of the parking garage where we can see it from the balcony. Alex and I have been pressing the panic button on the key fob and making the alarm go off. For some reason it seems really funny because its far away and no one knows it's us. We have to check out soon and go back to G'ville, I don't want to go home but I miss my doggies. It was so sweet of my parents to give us a little get away! The weather has been perfect around 80 degrees. We were worried that it would be too cold to swim but it warmed up just in time.

Yesterday we went to a seafood restaurant and as we were leaving we got stopped by a lady trying to get us to go to a timeshare meeting. She wouldn't let us leave and she kept offering us free vacations and cash just to come to her meeting. I kept telling her that we were not interested and she didn't listen. Then she asked Alex, what do you think sir? and he said "I have to go to the bathroom" It was soooo funny! The perfect thing to say because she let us leave right away. I will have to remember that one!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Back to the grind tomorrow but I have a short week. Friday is my bday and I will be taking the day off of work. Yipeee!

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