Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Awwwwww. . .

Meet Chico. Alex rescued him from a bad home a couple of months ago. He is a little crazy, but we love him.

This is Tiny. She belongs to the neighbors. She is a Jack Russell, I think she can levitate. . .really.

Chico figured out how to climb the fence, without any help from the little girl next door, I'm sure :), and now we have cutie little puppies.

Well, we don't have puppies but the neighbors do. They are so sweet, I just want to squeeze them. I have to wait until they're bigger.

Speaking of squeezing sweet cute little things, my friend Tainaka had a baby girl last week. A whole month early. Mommy, Daddy, and Baby are doing great and are home from the hospital.

Congrats, Vince and Tainaka!

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josslynsmom said...

Oh Yay! Babies! I LOVE babies... dog babies, people babies... babies!

Hey, do you still think you don't want babies?