Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's better to light a candle than curse the darkness

A couple of weeks ago I started getting dizzy and stumbling around. I thought it would go away but it didn't. Then, I started thinking about terrible illnesses that can make you dizzy so I went to the doctor. Its a big deal if I go to the doctor, I don't like it and I really will take pain over taking pto to sit in the lobby waiting for them to mispronounce my name and give me drugs. Well, I was very relieved to find out that I only have an ear thing. I am not sure what kind of ear thing. I also don't pay very good attention while at the doctor. She said something about fluid and gave me some nasal spray and allergy meds. My ear didn't even hurt until she poked around in it and now it feels like its going to explode. I am about out of the nasal spray and it still hurts so I started talking to folks about remedies and my friend and coworker, Jennifer, suggested that I try ear candling. I went to the local Earth Fare and picked up a couple of Harmony Cones and then headed home to terrify my husband by sticking a burning candle in my ear. It didn't work. I may have done something wrong. I was kind of afraid that I was going to scorch my ear canal with hot wax but it didn't happen. I even cut the end of the candle open to see all of the nasty stuff that I heard about but it looked like wax-candle wax not ear wax. Oh, well it was worth a shot.

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